JAAA Latest Fast Track Articles—March 2019

JAAA Latest Fast Track Articles—March 2019

March 22, 2019 In the News
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By Gary Jacobson and Devin McCaslin

As the JAAA editors along with our editorial team, we are proud to announce new Fast Track content for JAAA, as of March 2019. We are working diligently to publish ahead of print. We strive for a two-month turnaround on articles from acceptance to digital publication. Thank you for your patience. Plan to see more of these announcements about content updates each month.

  • Speech Recognition in Noise in Single-Sided Deaf Cochlear Implant Recipients Using Digital Remote Wireless Microphone Technology
    Authors: Wesarg, Thomas; Arndt, Susan; Wiebe, Konstantin; Schmid, Frauke; Huber, Annika; Mulder, Hans E.M.; Laszig, Roland; Aschendorff, Antje; Speck, Iva
  • Letter to the Editor: A Response to ‘‘The Mystery of Unexplained Variance—Some Comments on Brenneman et al (2017)’’
    Authors: Weihing, Jeffrey; Chermak, Gail; Musiek, Frank
  • Effect of Reduced Audibility on Mini-Mental State Examination Scores
    Authors: Gaeta, Laura; Azzarello, Jo; Baldwin, Jonathan; Ciro, Carrie A; Hudson, Hudson A; Johnson, Carole E; John, Andrew B
  • How do Hearing Aid Owners Acquire Hearing Aid Management Skills?
    Authors: Bennett, Rebecca J; Meyer, Carly J; Eikelboom, Robert H

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