Tinnitus Prevalence

Tinnitus Prevalence

December 29, 2011 In the News

Kochkin, Tyler, and Born (2011) recently estimated the prevalence of tinnitus in the United States based on a nationally representative sample of more than 46,000 households. They estimated the U.S. tinnitus population (in 2008) at 29.7 million people. Although tinnitus is generally reported to be highly correlated with hearing loss, surprisingly, some 44 percent of respondents (representing approximately 12.95 million Americans) reported no hearing loss.

The authors summary of their findings includes the following:

  • Some 30 million Americans have tinnitus
  • Some 13 million Americans report tinnitus without hearing loss
  • The incidence of tinnitus for people aged 65 to 84 years is approximately 27 percent
  • The prevalence of tinnitus is generally correlated with degree of hearing loss
  • Of those with tinnitus, almost 40 percent experience tinnitus during 80 percent of their day
  • Approximately 1 in 4 tinnitus sufferers report their tinnitus as loud, 1 in 5 report their tinnitus is disabling or nearly disabling,
  • Tinnitus treatment methods with substantial tinnitus amelioration includes hearing aids and music, and “the provision of hearing aids offers substantial benefit to a significant number of people suffering from tinnitus.”

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