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Considerations for Topic Selection

  • A timely full or focused update of previous Academy clinical practice guidelines or consensus statements can be considered.
  • For new topics, content should be unique (minimal overlap with previous or current clinical documents published by the Academy).

Considerations for Topic Prioritization

New guideline/clinical document topics and revisions to current guidelines/clinical documents are prioritized according to those that are most relevant to the Academy’s mission and to patients and their families, along with budgetary considerations within strategic planning cycles. The selection process engages the following criteria to rank the highest-priority topics and guideline/clinical document revisions.

  • The proposed topic is timely.
  • The proposed topic addresses a condition that is associated with a significant morbidity or mortality.
  • The proposed topic addresses an issue that is important to the population as a whole or to a particular subgroup or as indicated by relevant stakeholders.
  • Widespread variation in practice such that in the absence of recommendations, there might be inappropriate clinical practice and/or treatments.
  • Documented relevant and sufficient evidence that can be included in systematic evidence review.
  • Availability of new research that may change the existing practice recommendations.
  • Document recommendations are the best mechanism for improving and reducing inequalities in patient care; examples include improving quality of life and reducing avoidable morbidity or premature mortality.

For all new documents proposed to the Board of Directors for approval, a summary with the following proposal justification should be presented (see Form below):

  • Title of proposed document
  • Proposed scope
  • Type of document (e.g., guideline, consensus)
  • Rationale for prioritization
  • Alignment with strategic plan (or priority of another committee)
  • Health policy objectives, if applicable
  • Potential overlap with other current guidelines, consensus statements, or Academy documents
  • Impact on primary audience (e.g., intended users)
  • Possible collaborations
  • Prevalence, if known
  • Summary of relevant data to consider (potential LOE)
  • Suggestions for members of the guideline/clinical document expert panel

Clinical Document Topic Nomination Form

Thank you for assisting the American Academy of Audiology Board of Directors in identifying potential topics for clinical document development. The board will consider all suggested topics when reviewing and approving current priorities. Please note that many factors are considered in the selection process so submitting a topic is not a guarantee that a document will be developed. Academy members/committees/councils interested in submitting a guideline/clinical document topic proposal form or who may be interested in serving on a guideline/clinical document panel are strongly encouraged to review the Guideline for Guidelines manual that delineates important aspects of development processes.

If you’d like to submit the form by email, access the PDF form here and email to the guidelines publication staff.

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