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The American Academy of Audiology is currently developing clinical practice and strategic documents on the following topics:

  • Health-Related Quality of Life and Hearing Aids: Systematic Review (Update)
  • Audiological Management of Hearing Loss in Adults (Update)
  • Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation in Adults
  • Assessment of Vestibular Function in the Pediatric Population
  • Audiology Clinical Practice Algorithms and Statements
  • Diagnosis and Management of Patients with Tinnitus (Update)
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Vestibular Disorders (Update)
  • Untreated Hearing Loss Linked to Depression and Social Isolation

To learn more about the Academy’s clinical document development process, access the document methodology page. If you are interested in clinical document development, please volunteer to express interest.

Volunteer to Participate on a Clinical Practice Document Development

The Guidelines and Strategic Documents Committee invites members interested in serving on a clinical practice document writing committee or as reviewers to express their interest and submit a CV to the Academy’s guidelines staff by email.

Your insight and expertise will help ensure the development of transparent and trustworthy guidance that benefits the field of audiology and patients with hearing and balance disorders. Information from interested members is accepted on an ongoing basis, and members will be contacted as clinical document volunteer openings occur.

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