Ethics in Audiology (Second Edition) CEU Program

Ethics in Audiology (Second Edition) CEU Program

About the E-Book and CEU Program
Ethics in Audiology (2012) was written to meet the growing need for practical advice on common ethical issues faced by audiologists. Whether you own or work in an audiology practice, conduct research, teach students, or are studying to become an audiologist, you are likely to encounter ethical dilemmas that are difficult to reason through on your own. 

You are able to earn CEUs from Ethics in Audiology.  The chapters and appendices are grouped into nine modules totaling 16 hours or 1.6 CEUs. Modules are worth 0.1 to 0.3 CEUs and may be taken together or individually.

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To Earn CEUs
Ethics in Audiology CEU Fees:
$15 per CEU for Academy Members
$25 per CEU for Non-members

Ethics in Audiology Learner Assessment Tool
Each module's assessment tool is available for submission via online, mail, or fax. Note: In order to receive CEU credit, you are required to:
1) Submit a Learner Assessment tool
2) Achieve a score of 80% or better

To Purchase and Submit Assessments Online
Click here! to access the online assessments.  You must register for the Ethics in Audiology CEU Program online using the link above. You will be asked to enter your e-mail address. If you are not a current member of the Academy, you will be required to join the CE Registry fee ($60).

To Submit Assessments by Mail/Fax
Complete hard-copy assessment(s) below and submit with registration form.   Download the Ethics in Audiology CEU Program Registration form

Ethics in Audiology Learner Outcomes
View the Learner Outcomes for the Ethics in Audiology CEU Program.

Ethics in Audiology (Second Edition) CEU Modules & Assessments
 Module 1: Legal and Ethical Issues in Audiology Practice; Billing and Coding - Chapter 1 and Chapter 7 (.2 CEUs)
 Module 2: Ethics and Professionalism - Chapter 5 (.1 CEUs)
 Module 3: Research Ethics and Ethics of Best Practice - Chapter 9, Appendix 3, and Chapter 11 (.3 CEUs)
 Module 4: Ethics in Academia - Chapter 10 (.2 CEUs)
 Module 5: Ethics of Preceptorship and Supervision - Chapter 8 (.1 CEUs)
 Module 6: Ethical Reporting of Abuse and Neglect - Chapter 6 (.1 CEUs)
 Module 7: Analysis of Ethical Dilemmas - Chapter 2 and 13 (.2 CEUs)
 Module 8: Conflict of Interest Considerations - Chapter 3 and Chapter 4, appendix 1 and 2 (.3 CEUs)
 Module 9: The Code of Ethics and the Ethical Practice Board - Foreword, Code of Ethics, and Chapter 12 (.1 CEUs)

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ABA Tier 1 CEUs
The Ethics in Audiology CEU Program can be used to meet ABA recertification requirements for both Tier 1 and Ethics.