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Press Coverage for Audiology

Press Coverage for Audiology

Showcasing the latest media coverage to include audiology and Academy coverage, as well as that of our members.

Since embarking on a strategic, comprehensive, and consistent public relations campaign in May 2017, the Academy has seen several inroads in media coverage to include audiology and Academy coverage, as well as that of our members. We are excited and proud to showcase these endeavors to you, our members on a regular basis.

Year in Review

Public Relations Outreach Efforts: A Year in Review (October 2018- September 2019)

Media Coverage by Month

In July, Healthday ran an article from an Academy release on the impact that the sounds of summer can have on hearing. The article was picked up around the country with more than 1.5 million readers. Additional coverage has included a story in Reader's Digest that was also picked up by MSN Health & Fitness and has now circulated to more than 4 million readers. The extensive article on hearing health, "Why I Needed Hearing Aids Before Age 50," story points to the Academy "Find an Audiologist" section on the website. 

The connection among hearing loss, balance, and falls was covered in Healthline, an outlet with more than 23 million readers. The article includes information that the Academy provided to the Senate on the connection. Other outlets that have covered hearing loss, balance and falls include Doctor Radio on Sirius XM.  The Academy's president-elect Catherine Palmer did an interview with them.  In addition, Healthy Aging Magazine has asked for a bylined article on the topic. Additional stories are just beginning to run.

In August, the CBS Sunday Morning program aired again. In the meantime, a release was sent out on the possible cause of hearing loss from Lyme Disease and a CBS medical producer contacted us to do a story.  We are still searching for a member in New York City or Washington, DC, who has a patient with hearing loss from Lyme Disease. It could be a great national story.

A release that went out closer to September on how children's declining grades, could be a signal for hearing loss has also had a substantial pickup. HealthDay ran the initial story that was then picked up by multiple outlets including Healing Well and Clinical Connection,, U.S. News & World Report and others. Clips are continuing to come in from medical, educational and parenting outlets. In addition, broadcast outlets are also picking up the story. Here are clips of television news stories that ran in Orlando, Florida.   

Academy and Audiology on Good Morning America

A story on insurance coverage of hearing aids and hearing health for children ran on Good Morning America as a broadcast story and online. This, in turn generated hundreds of additional clips and coverage across the country. To view all of the television coverage captured to date, click here.

Susan Pilch, senior director of government relations for the American Academy of Audiology was interviewed for the story. This was a great segment for many reasons—it educates the public on the fact that some states still classify hearing aids as cosmetic devices and not medical devices; it raises visibility of the Academy and positions the Academy as a thought leader.

The value of the Good Morning America (GMA) clip alone is $2,334,008.05. This is based on industry standard values that takes the equivalent cost of airtime if the Academy were to run a television commercial on GMA at this time and in this length. The good news is that news stories have far more credibility with viewers than commercials. The audience for GMA in the mornings is more than 3 million viewers. More than 200 additional television news stories ran adding another $1 million in value and reaching more than 4 million viewers.

In the News

Coverage in June was outstanding with a wide variety of articles and broadcast stories that reached huge numbers of readers, viewers and listeners. One site, Medium, that reaches more than 24 million readers a month, had a story on what it's like to have hearing challenges when you don't want anyone to know. "Faking It" has had a huge impact on the general public as well as media outlets who are now contacting the Academy for more information on hearing health.

A story on "Why our Hearing Declines," ran in the Chicago Citizen News Group outlets throughout Illinois and includes a quote from the Academy's Past President Jackie Clark. The Star Ledger in New Jersey picked up the earwax story that Jackie Clark is also quoted in. The story, by Kaiser Health News has been running for the past year in thousands of outlets across the U.S.

Another version of the story was created by Scripps Media and was picked up by FOX affiliates around the country as well as NBC affiliates across the nation. Numerous independent stations also picked up the story and some of the ABC affiliates re-ran the story in their evening news.

In April, an article ran in the health column in AARP Bulletin Today covering how hearing aids work and featured interviews Academy member Sarah Sydlowski and Past President Jackie Clark. The outlet has more than 23 million readers.

Academy President-Elect Catherine Palmer talked with a reporter on Hearing Aids for Profound Hearing Loss in Healthy Hearing.  More than 120,000 people are regular readers.

Articles on the AAA 2019 Annual Conference included a write up that ran in multiple government outlets on the 2019 Jerger Career Award that went to Dr. Patrick Feeney at this year's conference. Dr. Feeney works for the Department of Veteran Affairs. It was also covered in Dr. Feeney's local California outlets including Newton County Times and Lake County News. The story was also picked up in May by the Federal News Network.

In May, the Columbus Dispatch included information on the benefits that the Academy brought to Columbus by holding its annual conference in the city.

A story that has had attention around the world from NewsRx in Australia, has been picked up by Health & Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia. "How Do Hearing Aid Owners Acquire Hearing Aid Management Skills?" is based on an article in the Journal of the American Academy of Audiology.

A May article in Hearing Health looks at OTC hearing devices and the Academy's work in increasing Medicare coverage. An editorial on World Hearing Day, also in Hearing Health, acknowledges the support of the Academy.

Academy President Lisa Christensen did an interview with Consumer Reports that was picked up by Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! News, MSN Health & Fitness, and others throughout the U.S. and Canada. The article, Sound Advice About Hearing Loss, has Christensen quoted throughout and discusses the hearing needs of her mother. It has readership of more than 31 million and a value of $116,000. It ran in both online and print in Consumer Reports.

Lifestyles After 50 included information on May is Better Hearing Month.

Members in the News

Academy President Lisa Christensen is in the Fort Worth Business Press with her involvement in a Free Hearing Wellness Expo in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Makenzi Gwinn, a fellow of the Academy is quoted in an article in the Idaho State Journal on Understand and Protect Your Hearing at Menopause.

There were many clips in May from members using the American Academy of Audiology template release on May Is Better Hearing Month.  Some of these include Dr. Susan E. Terry and Broadwater Hearing Care were in the Tampa Bay news for May Is Better Hearing Month. They used the Academy press template. Sound Advice also used the template release for coverage. Academy member and SJMH audiologist Diana Daugherty received coverage in The Weston Democrat using the template. Hearing Health Care was in The Shawnee News-Star.

A monthly online outlet and print magazine serving Northern Wisconsin has an article on the link between hearing loss and memory and provides the Academy website to find an audiologist. Combined online and print, the article as read by more than 1 million.

A Newsweek article includes input from the Academy's Past President Dr. Jackie Clark on a study that looked at people with perfect pitch.  More than 9 million readers saw the article.

Dr. Clark is also quoted in a U.S. News & World Report article on hearing aid upkeep often being out of reach of the poor.

The Academy is mentioned in a parent's guide article on hearing health in children.  The article has run in the past and has had almost 5 million readers.

A Consumer Reports article on tinnitus includes advice from Catherine Palmer, PhD, president elect of the Academy along with information from the Academy. The Consumer Reports article has more than 22 million readers and was also picked up by other health outlets including Yahoo News, MSN Health & Fitness—adding another 3 million readers.

A second article ran in Consumer Reports later in the month on How to Get Used to Hearing Aids. Academy past president Jackie Clark and president-elect Catherine Palmer are both quoted throughout the article. 

Members in the News

  • Sheri Gostomelsky writes in ChicagoNow advising clergy on tips to help congregants who cannot hear their service.
  • Academy member Craig T. Barth gave a talk in his community on navigating hearing loss that was covered by his local New Jersey Patch.
  • Vishakha Rawool, chair and professor of the Department of Communication and Sciences at the Univ. of Mississippi, was quoted in an article announcing World Hearing Day.

Media coverage in included various outlets covering the Academy's "noisy toys" release as well as a write up in Kids Health on hearing health in children. Public Now included an article on " 6 Diseases Linked to Communication Disorders in Seniors."

In January, story placements included The Newport Daily Express in Vermont that ran a story on noise-induced hearing loss. This from a release sent out earlier in the year. Academy Past President Jackie Clark was interviewed for a HealthDay story we worked on that ran in outlets around the world, including U.S. News & World Report. Life Extension Magazine (with more than 1.2 million readers), ran a story "Eat Better, Hear Better," that uses Academy data.  

An independent story ran in January on a rare condition where a woman in China cannot hear male voices. That prompted numerous calls to the Academy and resulted in a major story in Live Science (11.8 million readers around the world), with an interview by Jackie Clark.

Consumer Reports ran a story, " Do You Need a Hearing Test?" that included an interview with Academy member Sarah Sydlowski and has information on hearScreenUSA, the app that the Academy helped to launch this past year. The article also ran on and MSN Health & Fitness. Readership of the two outlets is more than 32 million

Media coverage in September and October was exceptional with more than 200 articles being picked up in outlets including everything from the Baltimore Sun and the New York Daily News (read by more than 26 million), to the Albuquerque Journal, Hartford Courant, Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times, Honolulu Star-Advertiser, and more.

A Washington, DC-based reporter with Kaiser Health wrote the story that includes a quote from the Academy's former president, Jackie Clark, "The excessive amount (of earwax) can cause hearing loss or ringing in your ears. Some people experience vertigo, which increases the risk of falling," said Jackie Clark, a board-certified audiologist who is president of the American Academy of Audiology. "Right now, we see some correlation between hearing loss and cognitive decline."

In addition to more than 150 print outlets, the story has also been picked up by television stations, including CNN.

  • CBS Sunday Morning ran a story on the disruptors taking place in the hearing aid industry and the numbers of Americans who have some form of hearing impairment. In their online story, they included links to the American Academy of Audiology and information on how to find an audiologist.
  • In October, The Hearing Journal ran a write up on the impact that OTC may have on audiology. The article was picked up by Academic Medicine (more than 3.5 million readers).  Chicago Now writes about the importance of caring for hearing health.

Members in the News

  • Davison Audiology in West Virginia placed an article in The Intelligencer about when to see an audiologist.
  • Roger Theobald was written up in The Idaho Business Review for having joined Treasure Valley Hearing & Balance.
  • Julie Glick with Musicians Hearing Solutions was written up in Pro Sound Web for her work and an event she's holding in California.
  • The Illinois State University campus news included an article on the Student Academy of Audiology.
  • Columbine Audiology was included in a story in the Journal Advocate on October is Audiology Awareness month. 
  • A story on Heather Malyuk, with Soundcheck Audiology appears in the WOSU Public news. Heather is a musician turned audiologist.
  • CBS Sunday Morning had scheduled to run a feature story on hearing aids on August 26. The story was bumped due to the passing of John McCain. It is still scheduled to run this fall. The network did post a story on hearing aids that has been read by millions. The story also ran on CBS affiliate websites around the country. We are waiting to learn the rescheduled date for CBS Sunday Morning.
  • Kaiser Health News ran a story on ear wax in the elderly. The Academy's President Jackie Clark is quoted in the story. It has since run on CNN (national and internationally), ABC News, Las Vegas News, St. Joseph News-Press, Tampa Bay Times, Scientific American, New York Daily News, WMAR-TV, and others.
  • Jackie Clark, president of the Academy, is also quoted in a HealthDay story on the cost of hearing aids. The story is being picked up around the country by numerous media outlets.
  • HealthDay included a write up based on a release sent out by the Academy regarding the impact of fireworks on hearing. The story was picked up as a reader by ABC, CBS and NBC affiliates throughout the country.
  • Fatherly, a national blog with more than 600,000 readers per month, wrote an article on ear protection for children. The Academy is listed as a source in the article.
  • The Academy communications team put together a press release on "Have Your Child Screened if You Suspect Hearing Loss," as a back-to-school consumer education piece. It was picked up by HealthDay, a major health wire service that provides content to more than 50 media outlets. Its own site is read by more than 400,000 people per month including physicians and health care providers as well as general consumers.  Other outlets picked it up including MedicalXpress (read by physicians), (read by pharmacists), Health Online and AMHC.
  • An article in the American Academy of Family Physicians Journal references the Academy. It's an interesting study done by a family physician who has hearing loss. The study is followed by an interview with the physician regarding over-the-counter hearing aids.
  • Pharmacy Choice published the OTC Hearing Aid Consensus Statement Published by AAA, ADA, HIS and ASHA.
  • The American Academy of Audiology communications team is partnering with the American Diabetes Association and the two organizations are working on sharing articles. A May article in Diabetes Forecast covered the link between diabetes and hearing loss. The Academy's president, Jackie Clark, PhD, is quoted in the article.
  • One of the topics that received coverage came from the release that the Academy issued recommending hearing protection for those who were planning on going to see Fourth of July fireworks, or were planning on handling fire crackers. The release was picked up by outlets including ewellness, an online health and wellness magazine.  And, it ran in Washington, DC, on the top radio station WTOP-FM both online and in a broadcast. 
  • Kelly Olenick with Hearing Zone had a story in the Idaho State Journal  and the Coeur d'Alene Press using the Academy release template. n article on put together a release on fourth of July fireworks and hearing protection.  It was picked up by multiple outlets. Dr. Biasotti authored an article with information from the Academy and a quote from Dr. Kochin with the Better Hearing Institute also recommending hearing protection for the Fourth of July. It ran in the Southern Dutchess News in Wappingers Falls, NY.
  • Healthline interviewed Jackie Clark, PhD, for a story "Are your kids headphones permanently damaging their hearing?"  Healthline is read by more than 85 million people every month. Other outlets picked up the story.
  • FOX News cited the Academy in an article on a toddler receiving a cochlear device. The story was picked up by outlets around the country, including the New York Post.
  • In addition to those who were covered in local outlets using Academy templates, Drs. Craig Foss and Kimberly Andresen received coverage for attending the Academy conference in their local outlet, the Grand Island Independent in central Nebraska. The write-up ran online and in print.
  • Drs. Battani and Smittkamp had a write-up on the opening of The Associated Audiologists Shawnee Mission Clinic—"the largest team of doctoral-level audiologists in the Midwest."  The write-up ran in the Shawnee Dispatch.
  • In March, a story ran in KidsHealth on evaluating hearing in children with almost 5 million online readers.
  • A story ran in Fatherly, an online men's lifestyle outlet with more than 600,000 subscribers on how to protect your baby's hearing.
  • Health, Beauty, and Fitness, a blog with more than 500,000 subscribers, and Health & Fitness Cheat Sheet used Academy content on the dangers of using ear candles in a story on ear cleaning dangers.
  • Some South African outlets have written about the new hearScreen USA app being launched by the Academy.
  • The Huffington Post continues to get traction and post updates on the story we placed on the connection between Lyme disease and hearing loss. Other outlets have picked up the story.
  • Highlights include: KPRC radio (140,500 listeners) ran the story on "Noisy Toys" and the Academy's recommendations and then rebroadcast on KTRH radio (597,900 listeners).
  • A "Dear Abby" column recommends that a husband with hearing problems should be checked by an audiologist.
  • Pediatrics Magazine ran an article on Adolescent Hearing Loss and referred to reports by the Academy.
  • A member and Fellow, Clifford Olson, had coverage on his audiology practice in Arizona. The story also ran in many regional Latino outlets
  • Audiologist Michelle Kennedy provides an overview on the latest hearing devices and what's cool in a Racked article. The outlet is read by hundreds of thousands of millennials and Gen Xers.
  • Academy members used the "October Is National Audiology Awareness Month," template release and customized it to their practices. One article appears here, and another is in the Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise. Another member blogged about the month in a local medical media outlet. These are great examples of how members are using the press release templates to amplify the message. More clips are coming in during October.
  • The article "Hearing Loss Hits a Younger Generation," that ran originally in the Chicago Tribune, was picked up by the Orlando Sentinel and an online outlet.
  • Academy members, Associated Audiologists, run a compelling advertorial in the Kansas Star on why it's important to see an audiologist.
  • LRAD Corporation sites Academy stats on decibel levels of emergency vehicles in an article in American Security Today.
  • Coverage of the EHDI Bill and newborn screening was covered in many outlets including Augusta Free PressAlexandria News, and others.
  • "Hearing Hits a Younger Generation" ran in the Chicago Tribune in August and was picked up by the Orlando Sentinel as well. More than 25 million were able to read the story.
  • Another story the Academy communications team worked on ran in the Chicago Sun-Times. Additional stories on hearing health are planned for the health section of the outlet.
  • A release on the National Academies report on the importance of proper fitting and training for hearing aids was picked up online.
  • "Protect Your Hearing from the Loud Sounds of Summer," was a follow-up Academy release after the fourth. It was picked up by numerous outlets around the country, including Southern Dutchess News. It was also picked up internationally by the Middle East North Africa Financial News. The outlet has more than 100 million readers around the world
  • Launched "May is Better Hearing Month"  release.
  • The Academy was mentioned in Newsday in April. This site has more than 3 million unique visitors per month and is syndicated into other media outlets around the country.
  • The Charlotte Observer has close to 5 million unique visitors per month. The American Academy of Audiology is mentioned in this story.
  • This story that mentions the Academy, originally ran in the Miami Herald and has been syndicated around the country, including to 500,000 unique monthly visitors to the Frederick News/Post.
  • The AARP's online newsletter has more than 22 million unique visitors per month. In an April story on tinnitus prevention, the Academy was listed as a source for finding a hearing specialist.The mention alone is worth more than $14K.
  • A Special Section "How To Guide" ran in the Farmville Gazette, Kenbridge-Victoria Dispatch, Gazette and other community papers throughout the state of Virginia with an article on "How to Choose the Best Hearing Health Care Provider."  
  • Retired member Linda Remensnyder was featured in the Daily North Shore as well as, which has more than 1.1 million unique visitors per month. 
  • Several magazines across the country wrote about "May is Better Hearing Month" and referenced the Academy.
  • An article on "May is Better Hearing Month," featured member Kathy Mellott, AuD on page 3 of the Beltsville News in Maryland.
  • Member Susan Terry, AuD, was quoted in this "May Is Better Hearing Month" story in the Tampa Bay News.
  • Hart Hearing Centers helped with an article on "May Is Better Hearing Month" that was picked up by multiple media outlets throughout their region.
  • A Wall Street Journal story on "Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids" online and in print includes quotes from Academy President Ian Windmill, PhD. The story was read by millions in print versions that ran across the U.S., Europe and Asia.
  • Drs. Bakewell, Alex and Lynne of Connecticut were quoted in regards to over-the-counter in the NewTown Bee.