Dawn Hulthen Koncsol

Dawn Hulthen Koncsol

Young woman on computer being mentored in externship

KNOW HOW | Audiology Externs: They Really Are the Future of Audiology

When I began my career in 1996, I cannot say that I ever imagined audiology would become a doctorate-level profession, or that the fourth-year externship would evolve into its current level. 

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Photo of 2 individuals looking at crystal ball that reflects an ear

KNOW HOW | Improving the Patient Experience

Audiology, as a profession, is ever changing, growing, and evolving. Once again, with the upcoming over-the-counter hearing aid definition and Merit-Based Incentive Payment System, we all are trying to look in our crystal balls to see what the future holds. Audiologists have been the patient’s best option for the best patient care. We are, after all, part of the health-care industry. 

We must focus now on how to provide the best patient experience, the most patient-centered care to ensure success.  

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