Jodi Baxter

Jodi Baxter

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AUDIOLOGY ADVOCATE | The Road Ahead in 2021: Challenges and Opportunities

The year 2020 brought with it many surprises and challenges across the health-care landscape. As 2021 begins, the Academy is actively engaged with several legislative and regulatory initiatives to safeguard and advance the profession of audiology. While it is impossible to predict everything that may arise, a few issues are likely to be at the forefront of the national conversation related to audiology.

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AUDIOLOGY ADVOCATE | Time to Activate to Advocate

With the 116th Congress already over a quarter under way, the Government Relations Committee (GRC) urges Academy members to get involved. It is an exciting time for audiology, with the Academy actively working and collaborating with other organizations on new policy initiatives. The audiology voice in numbers is critical for the profession in advancing these initiatives.

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