Karlee Howard

Karlee Howard

Karlee Howard, BA, is a third-year audiology doctoral student at The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Photo silhouette of a group of people people watching fireworks outside

PUBLIC RELATIONS | July 4 Is a Good Time to Educate on Hearing Health

July 4, 1777, just one year after the Declaration of Independence had been approved and read publicly, our young nation paraded the streets and celebrated our independence by lighting bonfires, chiming bells, and setting off fireworks. Since then, fireworks have become the hallmark of our modern Fourth of July festivities. Whether you are an active participant or simply a bystander, fireworks explode throughout every town in the United States on this celebratory day. You might be able to run from them, but you definitely cannot hide, as the sound they produce can be heard from miles away.

Topic(s): Public Awareness, Noise-Induced Hearing Loss, Fourth of July, Public Relations Tool Kit