Maggie Kettler

Maggie Kettler

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KNOW HOW | Impact of Daily Operations on Business

The landscape of health care is continually changing and there is no part of the health-care system, including all providers that is not impacted by these changes. This impact extends to all patients, as they are facing larger out-of-pocket medical costs than ever before. They are having to make choices about which appointments to schedule, which medications to buy, and which medical recommendations to follow. Large institutions and small practices are seeing changes in reimbursement. Changes in reimbursement force health-care providers to reduce operating expenses.

Topic(s): Practice Management, audiology


Publication Issue: Audiology Today July/August 2017

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KNOW HOW | The Audiologist: A Partner Within a Health-Care Team

Hearing loss is associated with numerous systemic disorders. Audiologists frequently provide consultation for patients whose care is managed by other specialists. In many of these situations, audiologists need to provide more than a consultative service. For many patients seeking answers, our audiological results can help in determining a diagnosis and selecting appropriate treatment.    

Topic(s): Healthcare, Audiologist, Research, Patient care