Identifying goals can help boost your practice’s success. These four steps can help you determine your goals and to create an action plan for achieving those goals.

  1. Identify your goals. These should be both short- and long-term. What do you want to achieve this week? This month? This year? Determining what you want your practice to be known for (e.g. convenience, cutting edge technology, best customer service, etc.) and what you want to achieve (e.g. specific market growth, lower return rate, etc.) are good places to start.
  2. Prioritize tasks and learn to say no. Once you have identified your goals you can now create an action plan for achieving them. Spend more of your time focusing on tasks that will directly assist in reaching your goals. If you find certain tasks to be too time-consuming or outside of your area of expertise, consider delegating. Time and effort should mostly be spent on achieving your goals.
  3. Identify your clinic’s strengths and weaknesses. Brainstorm with your staff to determine your business’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Once a list has been created for these three areas you can determine how to highlight your strengths, improve weaknesses, and optimize ways to beat the competition.
  4. Regularly review your progress towards your goals. Schedule designated time every couple of weeks to reflect on your progress. Are you on track? Are there any hurdles impacting your progress? This reflection time should help you realign your focus and address anything preventing you from achieving your goals.