Reaching out to potential new patients who need audiology services can be challenging and expensive to do. Marketing is taking place on the digital landscape and through social media more often than printed direct pieces.   

One opportunity to reach out to new potential patients can be through community hearing screening events advertised via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Partnering with a local medical practice if you are an independent provider can be a great way to offer a service and develop a referral resource. If you are a medical practice, this can be a great way to use surgical time blocks to build patients for the practice. Extern students and practice administrative assistants can help to make them even more successful.

During the event, utilize a manufacturer to set up an area for those who fail hearing screenings to ask questions about technology and options, and provide literature for you. Having this arrangement can allow patients to potentially listen to new technology and experience a limited exposure to all the options they have.  

Set up intake, screening, and listening stations for patients to keep the process running smoothly. Rotate companies and do these events quarterly and in different locations to maximize opportunities.

Patients who have been previously fit with technology and could benefit from learning about new technology should be invited to these events as well to allow them the opportunity to learn what technology has changed since they have been fit. From these discussions, hearing aid discussion appointments can be scheduled to retain existing patients who may need current technology.

Social media marketing is a free way to reach out to patients and create dialogue to generate new patients to the practice. Take advantage of these and create great and informational accounts for patients to follow.