As an active member of the University of Texas at Dallas faculty, Dr. Jackie Clark has been the consummate professional. Yet, her activities are not confined to the university or to Texas. Since 1998, Dr. Clark has planned, overseen, and led teams of volunteers to Mozambique, bringing audiologic programs to underdeveloped areas. She and her team have tested hearing, provided donated hearing aids and supplies to those in need, and trained local physicians, nurses, medical technicians, and social workers in the areas of hearing disorders, otoscopy, and testing. Every year she returns, not only does she provide more hearing aids and supplies as well as audiologic test equipment, she provides additional training and knowledge to the staff—empowering the community to become more self-sufficient in the area of hearing healthcare. Last year, she and her team directed the first large scale hearing screening in Mozambique. Dr. Clark’s humanitarian work is an example to the world of why audiology should be a part of the healthcare team and how audiologists should function as a vital member of that team. Closer to home, Dr. Clark has been an active member of the Healthy Hearing Program of the Special Olympics in Texas. Her efforts for individuals with hearing loss nationally and internationally make her most deserving of this honor.