Dr. Valente completed his doctoral degree at the University of Illinois. For nearly 30 years, he has been associated with the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, where he has served as director, professor, researcher, clinician, and more. In each of these roles and throughout his career, he has focused on the many challenges of amplification. As a researcher, his work has yielded important insights into the functions of dual and directional microphone technology, real-ear verification, and treatment options for single-sided deafness. As a clinician, he takes the essential next step of translating his research into clinically relevant practices. As an educator, he converts these practices into instructional content for highly popular workshops and courses around the world. And as a remarkably productive author and editor of books, chapters, and articles, he puts it all down in writing for the rest of the profession and posterity.

In addition to seeking answers to amplification questions, Dr. Valente has been a pioneer in supporting audiology’s transition to an evidence-based profession. He has tirelessly promoted the development and dissemination of rigorously developed evidence to support clinical decision making. Collaborating with like-minded colleagues, his efforts have had a profound influence on how the profession now values treatment efficacy, verification, best practice guidelines, and standards of care. Young clinicians who now are able to assume that evidence-based practice is routine have Dr. Valente to thank for his leadership and vision.

Dr. Valente is an avid supporter of the profession, volunteering time and again as chair and member of numerous committees, task forces, and work groups. He is also an inspired and inspiring educator and is especially dedicated to helping with student research. He has taken time to secure funding for students and has mentored many capstone projects from inception to the publication and presentation process. Dedication to students is consistent with other observations: those who know Dr. Valente (and it seems everyone does) invariably comment on his kindness, generosity, integrity, energy, work ethic, and eager enthusiasm for all projects.

In summary, Dr. Valente has achieved distinction in every category considered for this award: he is a valuable contributor to audiology’s scientific knowledge base, an exceptional educator at the international level, and a leader in the development of evidence-based practices. The Academy is delighted to recognize our esteemed colleague as highly deserving of this award.