Dr. Peter Blamey is known as an outstanding research scientist who has made significant and sustained contributions to the field of audiology and to hearing-impaired adults and children worldwide. Dr. Blamey’s excellence as a researcher has been shown by many appointments as Chief Investigator on multiple National Health and Medical Research Council project grants and was a National Health and Medical Senior Research Council Senior Research Fellow. Dr. Blamey was a pioneer in the development of the cochlear implant. He also led seminal research into the use of a cochlear implant and hearing aid in opposite ears. This research provided a unique opportunity to compare acoustic and electric signals in one listener to enhance understanding in auditory processing. He conducted longitudinal research regarding language, speech perception, and speech production development in children using cochlear implants and hearing aids. His research provided new theoretical perspectives regarding the relationship between hearing and language development. His findings led to the development of a language-based criterion for cochlear implantation in children. Dr. Blamey is currently a Director and Chief Technical Officer of Dynamic Hearing Pty Ltd and an Honorary Professorial Fellow in the Department of Otolaryngology at the University of Melbourne.