Dr. Stig Arlinger’s contributions to audiology and the international community are extensive and wide-reaching. Until recently, he was a professor and audiologist in the Department of Technical Audiology, Linköping, Sweden. Dr. Arlinger has been an avid clinician and researcher for over 40 years and has published more than 250 articles in the areas of audiological diagnosis, rehabilitation, hearing aids, and noise protection. He served for 10 years in the role of editor or co-editor for Scandinavian Audiology. Moreover, his collaborative participation and visionary mindset in the European and international community produced significant resources for hearing professionals around the world. He was instrumental in forming the highly prominent International Journal of Audiology. He sat for more than 30 years on the International Standards Organization (ISO) and is the recipient of the Silver Ear from the Swedish Audiological Society, the Aram Glorig Award from the International Society of Audiology and an honorary doctorate, Honoris Causa, from the faculty of Arts and Sciences, Linköping University. The American Academy of Audiology is proud to award Dr. Stig Arlinger the International Award in Audiology in recognition of his long-standing dedication to the field and his collaborative, international achievements.