FIGURE 1. A self-guided tour of the Ryman Auditorium, the original home of the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee, was one of the pre-auction items in 2018.

When people think of giving to the American Academy of Audiology Foundation, most expect to donate money. While we are always eager to accept monetary donations, the Foundation will also accept the donation of your time. This may be especially appealing to audiologists, students, and other supporters who might not have the financial flexibility to offer personal donations. 

AAA 2018 Happy Hour
FIGURE 2. Designer handbags auctioned off at the AAA 2018 Happy Hour and a Half.

The easiest way to get involved is to volunteer your time throughout the year at your convenience. Our biggest appeal for donations centers around the AAA Annual Conference and planning begins at least a year in advance and we could use your help. This past year, the Foundation Board of Trustees reached out to local businesses in Nashville, Tennessee, to gather donations for a special pre-auction. Members bid on gift certificates during the pre-auction to use while at the AAA 2018 (see FIGURE 1). 

The Foundation previously accepted Auction 4 Audiology items for attendees to consider while on-site and place a bid online. 

The Foundation is exploring new and exciting ideas for Academy members to participate in Foundation activities. Stay tuned for details regarding opportunities at AAA 2019 in Columbus, Ohio. 

At the conference, the Foundation hosts several fundraising events such as the Foundation Happy Hour (see FIGURE 2) and Coffee for a Cause (see FIGURE 3).  Each of these events is reliant on volunteer support. Any time an Academy member can spare to help organize an event or answer questions at the booth is greatly appreciated. 

AAA 2018 Coffee for a Cause
FIGURE 3. Supporters like Meghan Abraham can get a tax-deductible cup of coffee (or two) by making a donation to the Foundation during Coffee for a Cause.

This year, the Foundation developed the first Voices of Hearing Wellness book. This book was designed to publicize the audiology profession through the stories of the patients that we help. Although this was the first time this book was published, hopefully it will not be the last. The Foundation will be looking for volunteers in the near future to help with additional projects.

Another way to give back to the Foundation is through the Amazon Smile program. The American Academy of Audiology Foundation is an organization you can designate to receive donations when making your purchases through Amazon. Simply go to and search “American Academy of Audiology Foundation” to start donating. Remember that you must make your purchases through the Amazon Smile website, as there is not an Amazon Smile app available. It may take a few seconds longer to order this way, but your regular purchases will earn an easy donation for the Foundation. 

The American Academy of Audiology Foundation needs you. Whether through a financial contribution or dedication of volunteer time, donors help the Foundation disperse scholarships and grants, fund new research, support audiologists experiencing financial hardship, promote the profession, and educate the public. 

Consider giving back to the Foundation and lending a hand to help raise funds, generate excitement about the Foundation’s programs and initiatives, and enhance our opportunities to drive the profession forward. We can’t do this without you. 

Mindy K. Brudereck, AuD, is the owner of Berks Hearing Professionals, with offices in Wyomissing and Birdsboro, Pennsylvania. She is also a member of the Foundation Board of Trustees.

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