Regarding “The Impending Spondee Crisis,” by Frank Bialostzky (Audiology Today, Nov/Dec 2016, Vol 28, No 6)… .I’ve heard of indulging the younger generation, but this goes beyond the pale. At the very experience of hearing those remarkably outdated words like “sidewalk, hot dog, hardware,” I can only empathize with the young woman shown on page 54. Poor thing; I too would squint and crinkle my nose if faced with a similar assault on my sensibilities.

The Impending Spondee Crisis Audiology Today SpreadOkay, spondee word lists aren’t phonetically balanced, and I admit “inkwell, hothouse, and whitewash” might be a bit 1950s-ish. So if one wants to replace those with “zipline, facebook, or Starbucks,” go for it! But let no one tell me millennials haven’t heard of sidewalks or hot dogs, or hardware stores. Why generalize about a whole generation?

The article then goes on to get “even better.” Millennials don’t like talking, right? So no, they shouldn’t have to actually answer you when you ask them to “Say the word… .” Naw, just let them text their answers! Sorry, the only client I’d have answering this way would be someone who is truly unable to “say the word.”

Methinks the author doth protest too much. Oops, there I go again; I just outdated myself by saying words from Shakespeare who died hundreds of years ago… .

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