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Structured Review Format

Format: Does the format of the article (including structured abstract) conform to the JAAA Instructions to Authors? If not, how does the structure deviate?

Importance/Relevance: What is the importance/relevance of the topic? Is the work original and does it add to the existing body of knowledge?

Interest Level: Are the manuscript topic and results of the work of interest to the readership of JAAA?

Introduction/Background: Does the author review the relevant literature to serve as a foundation for the problem statement/hypothesis?

Design and Methods: Is the research design sound? Are the methods correct?

Results: Are the results sound? Are the analyses correct for the purpose? Has the author clearly presented the data from the investigation? Are key data missing (e.g., evoked potential traces where tabular data only has been supplied)?

Discussion/Conclusions: Does the author provide compelling discussion and conclusions that are consistent with the findings (or is the author “overreaching” in his or her discussion and conclusions)?

Writing: Is the writing clear? Did the author follow the JAAA Language Guidance?

To Earn Continuing Education Credit (CEUs)

For each sufficiently thorough review performed on time and according to the structured review format above, .1 CEUs can be earned (for a maximum of .5 CEUs per year). A reviewer must also agree to review any subsequent revisions until the manuscript has been accepted or rejected, however reviews of revisions do not need to conform to the structured review format.

Reviewers who are not members of the Academy must join the Academy’s CE Registry to earn CEUs.

If you would like to become a reviewer, send a copy of your CV to the editorial office.

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