Academy Publishes Audiology Assistants Position Statement

Academy Publishes Audiology Assistants Position Statement

March 22, 2021 In the News

This position statement defines the roles and functions of audiology assistants within an audiology practice. It provides guidance on the education and training, duties, and responsibilities, and the requisite supervision of assistants.

The statement is intended for audiologists, policymakers, consumers of audiological services, and persons seeking to become assistants. As used herein, the term “audiology assistants” refers to individuals who perform hearing care-related tasks delegated by an audiologist and performed under the supervision of an audiologist that involve direct patient care activities. It does not refer to roles or duties that are administrative, financial, or clerical in nature.

The term “audiology assistants” is used generically and thus also refers to those persons who may be called audiology aides, audiologic technicians, audiology assistants, or other similar titles. The appropriate use of audiology assistants (“assistants”) positions audiology to meet the expanding needs for patient care in a cost-effective manner, without compromising patient outcomes or safety.

The assistant’s purpose is to improve practice efficiency and productivity by increasing access to audiologic services, reducing wait times, enhancing patient satisfaction, and reducing costs by performing tasks that do not require the skills of a licensed audiologist. It is the purpose of this statement to define the role of the audiology assistant in supporting audiologists in the delivery of audiologic services. It is incumbent upon the audiologist and audiology assistant to know all applicable state licensure laws or regulations and abide by such.

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