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The public comment period is an integral part of clinical and strategic document development. Public comment promotes transparency and enables the American Academy of Audiology to engage interested stakeholders to critically review and offer feedback prior to a document’s finalization and publication, provide a higher-quality product to the membership, and facilitate implementation and dissemination efforts.

The Academy submits for public comment the Clinical Consensus Assessment of Vestibular Function in the Pediatric Population. Vestibular function testing is feasible in children and is recommended when children have complaints of dizziness, imbalance, or delays in gross motor milestones.

This document is designed to serve as a practical guide to pediatric vestibular assessment, specifically children whose developmental age is young. Test administration and interpretation of bedside, vestibular evoked myogenic potential, video head impulse, videonystagmography, rotational chair, and questionnaire testing in the pediatric population are reviewed.

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