National and International Meetings and Events

National and International Meetings and Events


National Hearing Conservation Association
Virtual Conference

February 26–27, 2021

American Auditory Society Annual Scientific and Technology Conference 
March 4–6, 2021
Virtual Conference

A Sound Foundation Through Early Amplification
October 25–28, 2021
San Diego, California


ICAHAT 2021: International Conference on Audiology and Hearing Aid Technologies
February 25–26, 2021
Virtual Event

17th International Biannual Meeting of the Mediterranean Society of Otology and Audiology (MSOA)
March 11–14, 2021
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Audiology Australia 2021 Conference
May 17–June 5, 2021
Various Locations, Australia 

15th European Federation Audiology Societies Congress
May 19–22, 2021
Virtual Conference

The SAC Audiology Event 2021
May 28–29, 2021
Montreal, Canada

German Society of Audiology Annual Conference 
September 1–14, 2021
Cologne, Germany

Canadian Academy of Audiology 2021 Conference and Exhbition 
October 13–16, 2021
Kelowna, British Colombia