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The Final Frontier: Heightening Our Vigilance to the Taboo of Discussing Death During Patient Encounters

Mrs. Jones came to her hearing-test appointment with her daughter-in-law. She looked more than her 84 years, arriving in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank strapped to the back. She was quiet during most of the intake interview and cooperative during testing. But when the topic of hearing aids was broached, Mrs. Jones looked the audiologist directly in the eyes for the first time, saying in a weakened voice: “I don’t think all that will be necessary. I doubt I’ll be on this earth that much longer. I should’ve gone before Henry those 20 years ago.”

Topic(s): Counseling, audiology

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KNOW HOW | Top Five Lessons Learned in My First Year as a New Professional

I’ve wanted to be an audiologist since I was a kid. I recall an art project in elementary school to draw a picture of what you wanted to be when you grow up. My classmates were drawing themselves as ballerinas in tu-tus and as movie stars living in Hollywood; I drew myself in a white coat with otoscope in hand. 

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Publication Issue: Audiology Today May/June 2018

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ARC 2018: Genetics and Hearing Loss

The Academy Research Conference (ARC) 2018 provided an overview of progress in the field of genetics and hearing loss from both research and clinical perspectives. As chair of ARC 2018, I was joined by several knowledgeable individuals on the organizing committee, including Dr. Zarin Mehta from A.T. Sill University, Dr. Wendy Hanks from Pacific University, and Dr. Jonathan Whitton from Decibel Therapeutics. My thanks to them for their expert guidance.

Topic(s): Academy Research Conference (ARC), genetics, Hearing Loss, Age-Related, Counseling, Noise-Induced Hearing Loss, vestibular disorders, Unilateral


Publication Issue: Audiology Today July/August 2018