Middle Ear

Middle Ear

Illustration of an eye, ear and mouth

Eyes, Ears, & Teeth

In the March/April 2018 issue of Audiology Today, I compared the professions of audiology and optometry and examined some of the successes of optometry in establishing autonomy and an expanded scope of practice. You may want to stop here and give it a read. I’ll wait.

Glad you came back.

Topic(s): Bone-Conduction Implant (BCI), Cochlear Implants (CI), Medicaid, Medicare, Middle Ear, Coding

The Rooster’s Closing Canal

Birds, with the exception of the Barn Owl, do not hear well at high frequencies. Chicken (hen or rooster), for example, have very sensitive hearing in the low frequencies but are limited to hearing sounds below 10 kHz. Given their sensitivity to low-frequency sound, one might wonder how a rooster that wakes up entire villages every morning with its crowing, keeps from losing its own hearing.

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