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Essential Oils for Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, and Vertigo

Plant oils have been used medicinally for over 2,500 years. The first references to the use of plant oils can be traced to Chinese medicine, also known as Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Various parts of plants were consumed in either the raw state or dried, boiled, or steamed (to extract the oil). The end product was then consumed, inserted into any one of the natural openings of the body, massaged into the skin, or inhaled in vapor form. 

Topic(s): Tinnitus, Vertigo


Publication Issue: Audiology Today July/August 2019

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Charles Wells & Erasmus Darwin: The Dueling ‘Vertiginous Philosophers’


The following historical summary could not have been possible without two literary works from Nicholas Wade and Benjamin Tatler: Destined for Distinguished Oblivion: The Scientific Writings of William Charles Wells (Wade, 2003) and The Moving Tablet of the Eye: The Origins of Modern Eye Movement Research (Wade and Tatler, 2005). 

Topic(s): Dizziness, Vertigo, vertiginous syndromes

Detecting Hearing Loss, Vertigo Via Blood Tests

On the one hand, the ability to detect inner-ear proteins as biomarkers of hearing loss and vestibular dysfunction from blood samples is very promising, but on the other, how hard is it to get the more primary care physicians to refer for a hearing test?

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Vaping and Hearing Loss

Opinion Editorial by David Fabry, PhD

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Dizziness, Confusion, Caffeine, and Salt

Beck (2015) reports that no two people experience dizziness the exact same way. What one patient describes as vertigo, another may describe as light-headed, woozy, dizzy, and more. Similar to tinnitus, headaches and lower back pain, one cannot disprove these sensations. However, it’s not just the variation in which words the patient uses, but the variation in the words the clinician uses, may also add to the confusion.

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Meclizine: Update Issues and Answers

Desmond (2015) reports that Meclizine (aka Antivert, Nonine, and Dramamine II) is an antihistamine with antiemetic and anti-cholinergic properties (i.e., anticholinergics tend to block the transmission of acetylcholine in the PNS and CNS). reports that “Meclizine is an antihistamine with antiemetic and antispasmodic activity. It suppresses the nervous system by blocking the action of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

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Rethinking Semicircular Canal Dehiscence

Although posterior and superior canal dehiscence has been associated with vertigo, and/or dizziness, and/or low-frequency conductive hearing loss, often these associations/observations have been made after a symptomatic patient presents and high resolution CT scans are executed. Indeed, atypical CT findings are sometimes reported and consequently, the signs and symptoms which brought the patient in are then attributed to the atypical CT findings (for more information, see Chi et al, 2009; and Rosowski, 2012).

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