Research, Clinical, and Teaching Posters

Research, Clinical, and Teaching Posters


  • Review Research, Clinical, and Teaching Posters submitted for the annual conference.


Chair: Jason Galster, PhD  
Members: Marwa Abdrabbou, Student  
  Reaghan Beckers, AuD  
  Matthew Bell, AuD  
  Leslie Cody, AuD  
  Robin Criter, AuD, PhD  
  Lauren Fedt, AuD  
  Katharine Fitzharris, AuD, PhD  
  Kelli Freeman, AuD  
  Erica Friedland, AuD  
  Laura Gaeta, PhD  
  Patricia Gaffney, AuD  
  Courtney Coburn Glavin, AuD  
  Mary Gunn Prewitt, AuD  
  Lisa Hansel, AuD  
  Samantha Hauser, AuD  
  Raymond Hull, PhD  
  David Jedlicka, AuD  
  Anna Jilla, AuD  
  Brianna Kuzbyt, AuD  
  John Luckhurst, MS  
  Ingrid McBride, AuD  
  Ryan McCreery, PhD  
  Zarin Mehta, PhD  
  Bre Myers, AuD  
  Alyssa Needleman, PhD  
  Hanna Page, AuD  
  Jennifer Phelan, AuD  
  Maria Pomponio, AuD  
  Charles Pudrith, AuD PhD  
  Vishakha Rawool, PhD  
  Eileen Rall, AuD  
  Melissa Richardson, MS  
  Aaron Roman, AuD  
  Philip Sanchez, AuD  
  Elizabeth Sedunov, AuD  
  Hannah Siburt, AuD PhD  
  Heidi Slager, AuD  
  Monika Tiido, AuD  
  Jessica Vilendrer, AuD  
  Therese Walden, AuD  
  Susan Ward, AuD  
  Trent Westrick, AuD  
  Aurora Weaver, AuD, PhD  
  Devon Weist, AuD  
  Lindsey Wheeler, AuD  
  Gail Whitelaw, PhD  
  Michelle Wong, Student  
  Lori Yaktine, AuD  
  Lori Zitelli, AuD  
Staff Liaison: Natalie Bisbee  


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