Membership Categories

Membership Categories

Why Join the Academy?

If you are an audiologist, an audiology student, or a related professional, the American Academy of Audiology and the Student Academy of Audiology provide timely and relevant resources to support your success no matter where you are in your educational or professional journey.

We are of, by, and for audiologists. We are your professional community. We are your HOME for audiology.

Please note that all membership applications require supporting documentation before membership is approved. During the online application process, refer to the Documentation section of the drop-down box after selecting a Member Type for a listing of required documentation. Required documentation is also listed under the My Documents tab on the member dashboard once payment has been submitted. Contact the membership department with questions or to confirm receipt of supporting documentation.

Automatic yearly and monthly installment payment options are available through the Academy’s EZ Pay program. Membership dues run on a calendar year (January-December). Dues are pro-rated March-August for new and rejoining members

Professional Membership

A $75 application fee is applied for new members and returning members whose membership has lapsed for more than two membership years.


Professionals holding a Master’s degree and possess an active professional interest in hearing, hearing science, or audiology. Practicing audiologists or other audiology-related work settings (industry, manufacturing, research, etc.) should apply for Fellow membership.

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Audiology Assistant

Individuals providing hearing or balance care services in a supporting role to an audiologist; must be supervised by an Academy Fellow member.

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Practicing audiologists or other audiology-related work settings (industry, manufacturing, research, etc.) holding a Master's degree before January 1, 2007, or a Doctoral degree if earned after January 1, 2007. State licensure or proof of 350 clock hours of supervised clinical practicum along with successful completion of a national exam in audiology.

  • $50 discount available for Distance Learning, proof of enrollment required
  • Discounts available for new professionals in the first three years after graduation

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Fellow Doctoral

Professionals enrolled full-time in an audiology program for a second doctoral degree. If earning a first doctoral degree, please apply for Student Member membership.

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Fellow – Professionals holding at least a Master's Degree in Audiology from a U.S. institution of higher learning. A non-U.S. degree is accepted with documentation that the degree held is the equivalent of a Master's degree in the U.S.

Member – Professionals possessing formal academic training in audiology from a non-U.S. post-secondary academic institution, and/or has clinical or research experience in the area of audiology. 

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Special Member Classes 

Special membership categories are available to members that qualify. Eligibility requirements are provided below, contact the membership department for annual dues rates and to apply.

Life Member A Life Member is a fellow member in good standing for at least thirty (30) years. Fellow members may apply for Life membership by emailing the membership department. Dues will remain at the same rate as the prior member category, paid annually. No age requirement must be met to apply for Life membership.

Life Member-Retired$60

A Life Member-Retired member is a Fellow member that qualifies for Life membership and is fully retired from the profession of audiology. Fellow members may apply for Life Member-Retired membership by emailing the membership department.
Retired$60 A Retired Member is a Fellow member who has fully retired from the profession of audiology but does not meet the requirements for Life Member-Retired membership. Fellow members may apply for Retired membership by emailing the membership department.
Disability A Fellow Member who is no longer able to work due to a disability may apply for Disability membership by submitting a written request to the membership department along with documentation of disability. Dues are determined at the time of approval, paid annually.
Family Leave$165 A Fellow Member may apply for Family Leave membership if one has stopped working completely to care full-time for a family member or is taking an extended leave of absence from the profession of audiology. There is a maximum five (5) year lifetime limit on the duration of Family Leave membership. Contact the membership department to apply.

Student Academy of Audiology 

The $75 application fee is waived for SAA members.

Student Member$65

Graduates enrolled full-time in an AuD, AuD/PhD, or PhD program earning a first doctoral degree in audiology. International students are eligible to apply if enrolled in a non-U.S. post-secondary academic institution for audiology.

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Undergraduate Associate$40

Students enrolled full-time in an undergraduate program with an active interest in audiology. Post-baccalaureate students completing courses to enroll in an AuD, AuD/PhD, or PhD audiology program are also eligible to apply.

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Dues paid to the American Academy of Audiology may be tax-deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses, subject to restrictions imposed as a result of association lobbying activities. The American Academy of Audiology estimates that the nondeductible portion of your 2020 dues (excluding any other fees and payments) attributable to lobbying is 7%. Contributions to the American Academy of Audiology Inc. Political Action Committee are not tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes. Corporate contributions are prohibited by law