Charge Description

  • Follow established standards for the production and dissemination of high-quality and impactful strategic documents.
  • Recommend appropriate format for and develop new guidelines and strategic documents based on direction from Board of Directors (BOD) regarding topic area and purpose/application of document.
  • Determine and maintain schedule for ongoing review of published guidelines for continued relevance, based on Academy priorities and recommending the formation of task forces to the Academy BOD for those guidelines that are out of date.
  • Coordinate the process for peer review, publication, and dissemination of guidelines.
  • Review position statements to ensure appropriate application of Academy standard before BOD approval.
  • Develop relationships with and identify opportunities to collaborate on co-developed strategic documents.
  • Review strategic documents from other organizations with content experts for consideration of endorsement, as appropriate.
  • Develop and maintain a prioritized list of new and re-writes of existing documents for annual approval by the BOD.
  • Actively recruit writers and reviewers, assign writing groups and drive the development of Academy documents, including clinical practice guidelines.
  • Recruit for and maintain a list of subject matter experts for reviews, panels, and reaction papers
  • Ensure Academy documents utilize inclusive, culturally sensitive language.


  • Evalena Behr, AuD
  • Kathleen Colella, AuD
  • Alison Coltisor, AuD
  • James DeBacker, AuD, PhD
  • Stephanie Fowler, AuD, PhD
  • Julie Honaker, PhD
  • Carrie Overschmidt, AuD
  • Monika Tiido, AuD
  • Guang Wei Zhou, ScD
  • Brent Fisher, AuD


The work of the Guidelines and Strategic Documents Committee is overseen by the Scientific Advisory and External Relations Council.

How to Apply

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