AAA Leadership positions since JFLAC

Since completing JFLAC I have had numerous leadership opportunities with the Academy! I’ve served as a member and Chair of the AAA Leadership Council. I also served on the Foundation Board of Trustees serving most recently as Chair of the AAAF.

Other Leadership positions since JFLAC

Department Chair, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, University of South Dakota; Associate Dean for Academics, College of Arts & Sciences, University of South Dakota; Faculty Athletics Representative, University of South Dakota; along with numerous service leadership roles within the University of South Dakota and my community

Impact of JFLAC Conference

In my view, the greatest benefit of JFLAC is the relationships developed. Through my various leadership experiences and continued pursuit to improve my leadership, it is extremely clear to me that successful leaders value and promote meaningful relationships. The relationships built during JFLAC make me excited to attend conventions each year, they engage me in the Academy, they push me to stretch farther and do more for my profession, but most importantly they encourage me to keep working because our future is brighter if we work collectively and collaboratively.