M. Dawn Nelson

M. Dawn Nelson

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When AuD Students Encounter Bigotry From Patients, Preceptors Must Become Allies

A few years ago, a young physician reported the following experience:

During my internal medicine rotation…a patient called me a “colored girl” three times in front of the attending physician. The doctor did not correct the patient, nor did she address the incident with me privately. Despite all the other positive interactions I had with this teacher, her silence in this circumstance diminished my presence. I wondered if she thought of me as a “colored girl,” too (Okwerekwu, 2016).

Topic(s): bias, Audiology Preceptor, clinical supervision

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Should Patients Discontinue Medications Before Vestibular Testing?

The mandatory cessation of medications before vestibular testing is debatable. Patients seen for vestibular testing commonly are given pre-instructions that include a request to discontinue medications during the pre-evaluation time; typically for two days. It is unclear if these medication restrictions are based on scientific evidence or on tradition. Here we provide evidence for discontinuing or continuing medications and other substances before vestibular testing.

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