Required Promotional Paragraph and Logo

Required Promotional Paragraph and Logo

All brochures or promotional materials must include the American Academy of Audiology continuing education logo and required promotional paragraph.

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(Academy CE Provider) is approved by the American Academy of Audiology to offer Academy CEUs for this activity. The program is worth a maximum of  ___ CEUs. Academy approval of this continuing education activity is based on course content only and does not imply endorsement of course content, specific products, or clinical procedure, or adherence of the event to the Academy's Code of Ethics. Any views that are presented are those of the presenter/CE Provider and not necessarily of the American Academy of Audiology.

Note: If a course includes Academy intellectual property (documents, etc.), Academy staff will notify the CE Provider to include a verbal statement prior to the beginning of the presentation stating "that the views are the views of the presenter and not necessarily of the Academy."

Appropriate Terminology for Promotional Materials

In addition to the required logo and paragraph, CE Providers often reference the type(s) of approved continuing education being offered for the course. When offering Academy CEUs, it is appropriate to state, for example, ".2 CEUs" or ".2 Continuing Education Units". It is not appropriate to use the terms "credits" or "accredited." If you have questions on the text for your materials or need the CE Logo, contact us.