Learning Module Subcommittee

Learning Module Subcommittee


  • Review submissions for Learning Modules for the annual conference.


Chair:  Karen Jacobs, AuD
Members: Althea Rhoden Grey, AuD
  Alyssa Needleman, PhD
  Andrea Green, AuD
  Averill Paes, AuD
  Barbara Vento, PhD
  Beth Longnecker, AuD
  Danielle Leisner, AuD
  David Jedlicka, AuD
  Diana Guercio, AuD
  Erin Miller, AuD
  Ingrid McBride, AuD
  Jodi Wilske, AuD
  Kaitlyn Kennedy, AuD
  Kristen Edenfield, AuD
  Lindsay Bondurant, AuD
  Lindsey Koble, AuD
  Lori Yaktine, AuD
  Mary Gunn Prewitt, AuD
  Melissa Ferrello, AuD
  Melissa Richardson, MS
  Melissa Newell, AuD
  Michael Malahan, AuD
  Michelle Wong, AuD
  Myles Kessler, AuD
  Nelson Cardenales, AuD
  Pamela Burton, AuD
  Patricia Gaffney, AuD
  Philip Sanchez, AuD
  Raymond Hull, PhD
  Robert Traynor, EdD
  Samantha Lewis, PhD
  Sarah Lundstron, AuD
  Sarah Sydlowski, AuD, PhD
  Shannon Frugla, AuD
  Talah Wafa, AuD
  Tricia Scaglione, AuD
Staff Liaison: Natalie Bisbee


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