Angela Loavenbruck is an illustrious leader in the field of audiology, whose high standards, innovations, and commitment have crafted positive and lasting changes in hearing-care services. Throughout her career, her efforts at the local, state, and national levels spurred audiology to an autonomous profession. As a clinician, Dr. Loavenbruck has dedicated her career to delivery of high-quality, patient-centered services. She is among the first audiologists in the nation to start her own independent practice, generating new delivery models for comprehensive, evidenced-based audiology services directly from audiologists.

At a time when audiologists were prohibited from dispensing hearing aids, Dr. Loavenbruck coauthored the first textbook on Hearing Aid Dispensing for Audiologists in 1978. She was among early advocates of the AuD degree and was a principal developer of rigorous educational standards for academic programs. As the first chair of the Accreditation Commission for Audiology Education, her dialogues spurred the separation of university program accreditation from simple certification. She served on the Board of the Audiology Foundation of America, helping to raise millions of dollars to support the transition to the AuD. During her term as president of the American Academy of Audiology, she focused on assuring that ethical standards for audiologists were unsurpassed in health care.

Dr. Loavenbruck has fruitfully applied her unique ability to resolve complex challenges with reasonable and clear solutions (for the benefit of the audiology profession and the patients we serve), in locations ranging from the halls of Congress to individual audiology clinics.