Dr. David Goldstein is well known as one of the early promoters of the expansion of audiologists’ scope of practice to include hearing aid dispensing. He knew that hearing aid dispensing by audiologists was essential for best patient care and for the profession of audiology. However, Dr. Goldstein probably is best known for his determination that audiology must become a doctoral-level profession for best patient care and for the profession of audiology. Hearing aid dispensing and the AuD degree has proved to be in the best interest of the patients we serve and of our profession. Clearly, the current state of audiology and its future as a health-care profession would be very different had the goals of hearing aid dispensing and the AuD degree not been achieved. Dr. Goldstein was a prolific researcher whose publications focused primarily on amplification and speech perception. He wrote extensively about auditory rehabilitation and provided models of university-based service delivery that are still found at academic institutions across the nation. Dr. Goldstein is one of the American Academy of Audiology’s founders. As both an educator and visionary, Dr. Goldstein recognized the need for practitioners to have the knowledge and skills necessary to serve persons with hearing and balance disorders today and in the future.