One of the most recognizable faces among audiologists is that of Dr. Mueller. Perhaps it is due to his over 300 presentations at the state, national and international level. Perhaps it is because he is the creator and designer of the Trivia Bowl. Perhaps it is because he created and developed “Page Ten”, a monthly feature in The Hearing Journal. Or perhaps it is because he is who he is! In the area of scholarly works, he has over 100 publications primarily in the areas of probe-microphone measurements, hearing aids, directional microphones, and central auditory processing. His Probe Microphone Measurements (co-authored with David Hawkins and Jerry Northern) is one of the authoritative texts on real ear measures. His two-volume set Audiologist’s Desk Reference (co-authored with Jay Hall) is considered one of the “go-to” books in audiology. He was one of the original founding members of the American Academy of Audiology, as well as the founder and first President of the Colorado Academy of Audiology. He has been honored as an ASHA Fellow with the DiCarlo Clinical Achievement Award and has received the Legion of Merit Award from the U.S. Army. Dr. Mueller is revered for his innovative thinking and his art of presentations.