Dr. Kristina English holds a unique and influential role in shaping and improving the practice of clinical audiology. She is one of a small handful of professionals who have shifted our focus from the audiogram to the patient, and has brought to our attention the counseling needs of individuals with hearing loss and the parents of young patients with hearing loss. By focusing attention on the communication deficit as a whole, and the affect it has on an individual’s meaningful relationships with family and friends, Dr. English has literally changed the way audiologists think.

Dr. English received a BA degree in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and an MA degree in Communication Disorders from San Diego State University. She received her PhD degree in Education/Special Education from San Diego State University/Claremont Graduate University. Dr. English is currently Associate Professor, University of Akron, School of Speech-Pathology and Audiology.

Because of her innovative clinical practice, scholarship, and education of current and future audiologists, Dr. English has helped us develop a more humanistic approach to service delivery. Dr. English has shared her perspective on audiologic care by writing five well-respected books on counseling. One in particular, which was co-written with John Greer Clark, was a truly pioneering effort in the area of counseling and is perhaps the most coherent textbook on the topic for audiologists. She has also written multiple book chapters and articles. These many publications have guided experienced audiologists across the globe in providing more effective counseling to patients.

Dr. English has earned a national reputation as an effective, entertaining, and extremely knowledgeable instructor during her 20 years of teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels. She is also well known and highly sought after as a speaker, indicated by the fact that Dr. English has given numerous professional refereed and invited presentations, seminars, workshops, and keynote addresses across the country. Dr. English is known and respected for her ability to instruct students and audiologists in a manner that has a lasting impact, while challenging students and colleagues alike to engage in self-examination, and learn and grow in new directions.

Dr. English organized the first Audiology Teaching Conference, which is now a biennial event. When she served as the Clinical Coordinator for AuD externs while on faculty at the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. English developed and implemented a system to facilitate all aspects of the extern experience. In this way, and in many others, Dr. English has been at the forefront of developing and sharing guidelines and solutions to the many of the challenging issues faced by AuD programs. In addition to her exemplary scholarship and clinical teaching skills, Dr. English also serves on the Academy Board of Directors and continues to participate in shaping the field by her presence on numerous task forces and committees.