Richard Roberts is a distinguished clinician whose expertise in vestibular assessment and management has resulted in improved quality of life for countless individuals. He regularly presents at professional conferences and has published numerous chapters and peer-reviewed articles on aspects of vestibular sciences.

He co-authored the clinical practice guidelines regarding positional vertigo, stemming from work on an expert panel with the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Foundation.

In addition to his current administrative role, he has influenced the careers of hundreds of AuD students through his academic abilities in teaching vestibular courses, mentorship of student research projects, and preceptorship of students in their respected Balance Disorders Clinic.

Prior to Vanderbilt, he was director of clinical research at American Institute of Balance and, more recently, co-owner/director of Alabama Hearing and Balance Associates. In 2015, Audigy Group recognized his clinic with the Outstanding Practice Achievement Award. Dr. Roberts has served on the Academy Board of Directors, has been program chair for Academy’s annual conference, and has been a trustee on the Academy’s Foundation Board.