Dr. Robert Margolis is a scholar, scientist, clinician and teacher whose career achievements follow in the tradition of Dr. James Jerger. Dr. Margolis has 130 manuscripts and book chapters published, with 50 of those having graduate-student coauthors, attesting to his passion for teaching future generations of audiologists. Dr. Margolis’s career is characterized by “translational research,” in which he performed basic laboratory studies and applied them to clinical practice. Dr. Margolis led the profession to our current use of quantitative measures for tympanometry. He is one of the world’s leading authorities on the measurement of human middle ear function. His research has detailed measurement of acoustic admittance in infants, children and adults, providing us with admittance norms that clinicians use today. Dr. Margolis has numerous scholarly publications on the middle ear muscle reflex, energy reflectance of the middle ear, electrocochleography, diagnostic audiology, speech perception and various topics in the area of otitis media. Currently, Dr. Margolis is funded by the National Institutes of Health for development of automated audiometry. He has been the recipient of the JAAA Editor’s award, the Larry Mauldin Award for Excellence in Education, and the AAA Humanitarian Award and has received Honors of the Association from the Minnesota Academy of Audiology.