This article is a part of the March/April 2021, Volume 33, Number 2, Audiology Today issue. Digital ear scanning opens doors when it comes to added benefits for both audiologist and patient. One priority on everyone’s list is reducing patient contact. How do you provide exceptional patient care while keeping a safe distance during a pandemic? Do it by reducing the amount of touch points.
  • By using the digital benefits of the Aurical® Otocam 300 video otoscope, perform an initial ear inspection while using the tool to act as a bridge barrier between you and the patient. Captured images provide the clinician with a beneficial counseling tool to show patients a clear view of their ear canal and tympanic membrane.
  • Next up, learn how to engage with your patients on a completely new level while safely keeping your distance. Otoscan® 3D ear scanning streamlines the process of producing custom in-the-ear products such as earmolds and hearing aids. Scanning your patient’s ear with Otoscan is quick, easy and COVID-friendly.
  • Lastly, let’s not forget verification and routine follow-up. Program new or repaired hearing aids remotely with stored RECDs using the Aurical® HIT. Ensure the hearing aids are in perfect working order with electroacoustic analysis, avoiding direct contact and additional in-person office visits.
Natus is committed to helping you maintain exceptional patient care at a safe distance by providing healthcare solutions with one thing in mind—you. Learn more.
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