By Mary Ormson

This article is a part of the May/June 2022, Volume 34, Number 3, Audiology Today issue

Inter Module Communication—Protocol 2 (IMC2) is the new Hearing Instrument Manufacturers’ Software Association (HIMSA) standard for integration between hearing aid fitting and real-ear modules, allowing fitting and measurement modules to “talk” to each other directly. Instead of learning and working in two software programs, you can verify hearing instrument fitting directly from within the hearing aid fitting software—streamlining the fitting and verification process. When you work with a real-ear verification system such as Aurical®, you can verify the hearing instrument fitting directly from within the fitting software. This flexible system also allows for:

  • Making verification a standard practice in your clinical workflow.
  • Supporting coupler-based integrated verification with Phonak fitting software.
  • Providing integration with Aurical and seven major brands (Oticon, Phonak, ReSound, Signia, Starkey, Unitron, and Widex) to deliver more flexibility to hearing-health-care professionals.

Aurical supports IMC2, so you can perform verification directly from IMC-capable hearing instrument fitting software. To learn how Aurical can help you deliver the best fit, visit us.

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