By Mary Omson

This article is a part of the May/June 2021, Volume 33, Number 3, Audiology Today issue.

Otoscan® is an innovative 3D digital ear scanner that is transforming the relationship between audiologist and hearing aid manufacturer. But what about the relationship with the patient?

Otoscan removes the need for conventional silicone impressions and provides real-time visualization of the ear for you and your patient. This provides a streamlined, comfortable process that takes less than half the time to complete than traditional impressions.

Deliver personalized counseling during the ear impression process with digital 3D images. Visualization of the 3D scan provides you with the opportunity to discuss best-fit options for custom hearing products. Achieve an average scan depth 5mm deeper than traditional silicone impressions, supporting the delivery of custom products with a more comfortable, stable fit.

Patients can rest assured their scanned data is secure. A single digital file stored on a secure cloud platform can be utilized to create a wide range of hearing products from any of the over 200 global manufacturing locations that support Otoscan.

Set the expectation for 21st century technology right from the start; introduce your patients to this ground-breaking alternative today.

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