Audiology Today November/December 2021

The American Academy of Audiology promotes quality hearing and balance care by advancing the profession of audiology through leadership, advocacy, education, public awareness, and support of research. Dive into the November/December 2021 Audiology Today issue below!

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE | Audiology Is Going Places…Don’t Miss the Boat - AT336-Main_Images-PM (Provided_by_Sarch_Sydlowski)

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE | Audiology Is Going Places…Don’t Miss the Boat

As I begin my term as Academy president, our organization is working diligently to achieve that elusive state of flow. Through alignment, focus, teamwork, and communication, our efforts will deliver the greatest impact and value to our members, succeeding in propelling us ever closer to our goals.

Hearing Loss and Dementia AT336-Main_Images-F1-min(Suzanne_Chanesman)

Hearing Loss and Dementia

More research is required to improve our understanding of the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying hearing loss and dementia. Current audiological clinical protocols for older adults need to accommodate for cognitive function by incorporating suitable referral pathways, including hearing assessments, cochlear implant mapping, hearing aid programming processes, and counseling techniques.

Hearing-Health-Care-Focused Training for Assisted-Living Staff (Monkey_Business_Images/shutterstock.com)

Hearing-Health-Care-Focused Training for Assisted-Living Staff

Due to the high prevalence of hearing loss in older adults residing in assisted-living facilities, an interactive training experience was developed for staff members working in a local assisted-living facility. The training focuses on the psychosocial impacts of hearing loss, effective communication strategies, and hands-on experience with troubleshooting and maintaining hearing aids.


Navigating Your Practice Now that Mainstream Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids Are Coming

While we do not have access to a crystal ball, one thing is certain: Change is coming. This article shares the opinions and thoughts of private practitioners as they work through the over-the-counter hearing aid environment. 

Hearing Screenings for Older Adults: A Wise Investment?(Suzanne_Chanesman)

Hearing Screenings for Older Adults: A Wise Investment?

As many hearing-health-care professionals are aware, available, affordable, and accessible hearing screening for all Americans could increase access to necessary hearing rehabilitation, including hearing aids.


ON TREND | Tinnitus + COVID-19: Providing Support to Your Patients

Clinical data has shown a correlation between viral infection and tinnitus/hearing loss. Based on this data amid the current global COVID-19 pandemic, patients presenting with complaints of tinnitus and hearing loss could be on the rise.


CODING AND REIMBURSEMENT | Audiology Advocacy—Working Together to Make a Difference!

It is the goal of the American Academy of Audiology Coding and Reimbursement Committee (CRC) to spotlight initiatives and activities where members work to address local- and state-level payer concerns. This article summarizes recent efforts in Texas to address state-level payer policy issues after Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) coding changes were released in January 2021. 


AUDIOLOGY ADVOCATE | Effective Advocacy Messaging: Be Prepared!

There are multiple issues under consideration at both the federal and state level that have the potential to significantly impact both the profession of audiology and the delivery of hearing-health care.