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The September/October 2023 issue of Audiology Today has been released. Enjoy the most recent issue!


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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE | Diversity of Thought

Bopanna Ballachanda, PhD, ABA Certified, has begun his term as president of the American Academy of Audiology, thanking members and acknowledging his leadership responsibilities.

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  • Balance Conditions
  • Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss and Fall Risks

Given the potential connection between hearing loss and falls, clinicians, caregivers, and public health professionals will need to consider multidisciplinary assessments and intervention strategies to mitigate fall risk in older adults with hearing loss.

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  • Precepting

The Preceptor’s Role in Improving Student Clinical Experiences

There are several key elements that form the foundation of a preceptor–student relationship, and there are numerous ways for preceptors to help their students learn, improve, reflect, and manage discrimination and microaggressions.

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  • Pediatric Assessment

Interview with a Parent Navigator

Sherri Nighbert, a vibrant parent navigator with Georgia Mobile Audiology, is known for her vast knowledge on hearing loss resources in Georgia and has significantly improved early hearing detection outcomes for at-risk families in Atlanta.

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  • Hearing Conditions

A Hearing Report from Poland

In the last several months, the Heart of Hearing Humanitarian Research and Service teams traveled to Poland to provide free hearing services in Krakow, a historic city located in southern Poland.


ON TREND | How Can You Leverage Technology to Help Save the Team Time and Be More Effective and Efficient?ON TREND |

Technology in healthcare should enhance the patient experience and streamline processes, not replace human connections, and can be harnessed through tools like practice management software to save time and foster deeper patient relationships.


CODING AND REIMBURSEMENT| Updates on Medicare Limited Direct Access and Use of the AB Modifier on Audiologists’ Claims

The objective of this article is to review coding guidance for services covered under the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) policy of limited direct access to an audiologist for the provision of certain audiology services.

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AUDIOLOGY ADVOCATE | Elevate Your Audiology Advocacy Game

To ensure the continued success and viability of audiology, it is critical that providers are aware of current and future legislative and regulatory issues that may impact day-to-day practice or reimbursement.