AC/DC Singer Battles Sensorineural Hearing Loss

AC/DC Singer Battles Sensorineural Hearing Loss

April 19, 2016 In the News

In an article posted to on April 19, AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson details his battle with sensorineural hearing loss after years of unprotected noise exposure from concert performances. In the article, he refers to his admission of hearing loss and ultimate decision to cease touring with the band as his “darkest day.” Sadly, Johnson is only one in a long line of musicians, including Pete Townshend, Eric Clapton, Ted Nugent, Phil Collins,, and many more, who suffer from tinnitus and/or hearing loss as a consequence of their profession.  

May is Better Hearing Month and serves as a great time to educate musicians and music fans that hearing is precious; use hearing protection when exposed to loud sounds to ensure that they can enjoy music for years to come! Review the Academy’s resources to spread the word in your practice setting.


France, Lisa (2016). Brian Johnson details bowing out of AC/DC tour and his 'darkest day.’


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