Announcing Future Hub Presenter Robert Moss

Announcing Future Hub Presenter Robert Moss

October 29, 2019 In the News

Creating the Patient Experience

HearTECH Expo
Future Hub Presenter: Robert Moss, ERDMAN
Thursday, April 2, 11:30 am–12:30 pm

Consumers of health care are making more direct care decisions than ever before! As a result, the patient experience must extend beyond the exam room, tethering patients to a system of health in a meaningful way. As value-based reimbursement and regulations change relative to the perception of care, providers must respond with greater transparency and customer focus.

Most physician groups and health systems underperform in delivering on the patient experience and maximizing provider engagement. Optimizing the patient experience results in better care, reduced costs, and increased loyalty. This is accomplished through elevating the patient experience, starting with an environmental assessment of the entire episode of care, comparing that assessment to organizational goals, and implementing meaningful interventions for our customers.

This presentation will explore the hard facts about patient experience, why it matters, and how providers can get intentional about crafting exceptional patient experiences while enhancing provider engagement by looking through the lens of the health-care consumer. 

Attend this session and you will be able to

  • Describe why it’s important to think of your patients as discerning consumers of health care.
  • Define loyalty drivers that affect your organization’s ability to attract and retain patients and providers.
  • Begin assessing the current situation and operational model against the ideal patient experience and level of provider engagement and discuss where gaps might exist.
  • Recognize the steps and processes required to develop a carefully crafted, customized patient experience that differentiates your organization.

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