Audiology Today May/June 2019…What’s Inside This Issue?

Audiology Today May/June 2019…What’s Inside This Issue?

April 24, 2019 / By Erin Schafer PhD In the News
Audiology Today Volume 31 Number 3
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The editorial team and I are so happy to announce the content for this latest issue of Audiology Today. We are featuring a number of comprehensive, relevant, and interesting articles, as well as some short reads on public relations, coding and reimbursement, and audiology advocacy.

Take a look at the table of contents and delve into these online articles, which you can now easily search by topic, title, or author. We appreciate your patience as we continue to upload back issue content, but hope you find this new format easy to explore. 

Tinnitus in 10: What Every Audiologist Should Know to Provide Research-Based Care 

Author: Candice Manning

A Two-Minute Speech-in-Noise Test: Protocol and Pilot Data

Authors: Douglas L. Beck, Lauren Benitez 

Fitness for Duty Assessments for Jobs with Essential Hearing-Critical Tasks (PART 2 OF 2)

Authors: Sigfrid D. Soli, Véronique Vaillancourt, Ross J. Roeser

A Hearing Report from the Dominican Republic

Authors: Lynn O’Boyle, King Chung

AAA 2019: Where Audiologists Discovered Their Future

Author: Erin L. Miller

CODING AND REIMBURSEMENT | New Medicare LCD Process—What You Need to Know

KNOW HOW | Tracking, Analytics, and Relevance—Oh My!

Author: Dawn Hulthen Koncsol

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Erin Schafer, PhD, is the editor-in-chief of Audiology Today and

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