Be Wildly Successful in Private Practice

Be Wildly Successful in Private Practice

April 21, 2016 In the News

What's the simple secret to being wildly successful in private practice? Most audiology and hearing aid practice owners will tell you it's word of mouth or patient referrals. Which is correct but it only represents one of the seven power strategies of marketing every audiology and hearing aid practice owner needs to master.

Being wildly successful with your practice is just a matter of understanding which marketing strategies to adopt or modify. No magic involved!

Do you know what the other six power habits are? And do you know that if you apply them, you can quickly multiply the number of new patients you will be seeing? Kevin St. Clergy's session at the Academy's Practice Management Specialty Meeting (June 17-18, Austin, TX) will explain these seven power strategies for marketing.

Be ready to discover the following:

  • The biggest obstacle that prevents most audiology practices from attracting the best patients to their practice with their marketing efforts. Hint it has nothing to do with direct mail, newspaper or even word of mouth.
  • How to quickly determine what marketing strategies are working, which ones need adjustments and what you need to do to make your marketing efforts more successful.
  • The one change you can make within 24 hours to increase your marketing results by 30 percent. Hint, this one costs you nothing to do.
  • What's your biggest competitive advantage? Hint it's not customer service.
  • And which step-by-step blueprint to use to grow your practice with modern marketing?
  • … and much more!

Kevin St. Clergy, MS, is the founder, chief practice development officer with MedPB. He founded (EP) in 2005, and, at that time, hired Charlie Cook as his marketing consultant to jump-start the new business. In 2012, they became partners to grow EP and better serve the needs of medical practice owners. In 2015, they changed the name of Educated Patients to (Medical Practice Builders).

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