Juggling Multiple Projects? Concerned You Might Drop the Ball?

Juggling Multiple Projects? Concerned You Might Drop the Ball?

November 20, 2017 In the News

In today's fast-paced society, we seldom are able to devote our time exclusively to just one project. This means that we need to find a way to be effective at completing tasks divided across multiple projects. Heidi Gardner and Mark Mortensen address this topic in their Harvard Business Review article titled “How to Stay Focused If You're Assigned to Multiple Projects at Once.”

In their article, they provide some helpful strategies, which are broken down into three main topics: (1) organization, (2) communication, and (3) development. In terms of organization, you should maintain an up-to-date overview of all your projects. This allows you to prioritize tasks accordingly and how they make the most sense with your schedule. Communication is essential—so people know when you are busy, what you are working on, and when a task is likely to be completed. Finally, make sure to carve out time for your own professional growth on each project. 


Gardner H, Mortensen M. (2017) How to stay focused if you’re assigned to multiple projects at once. Harvard Business Review. Accessed November 15, 2017.

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