Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Alecia Manning

Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Alecia Manning

May 01, 2021 Interviews

What is your background in audiology?

I graduated from the University of Kentucky, Cum Laude in 1996, the University of Washington in 1998, and eventually received my doctorate from Salus University in 2010. I have worked primarily in ENT settings for most of my career and have been fortunate to work with some amazing physicians during that time. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being part of the larger team that I’ve found in an ENT clinic setting. I’ve worked on both coasts, finally settling in central Kentucky, and have been in the Lexington area since 2009.

My areas of interest are adult populations with diagnostics, amplification, and electrophysiology. While I don’t mind working in pediatric setting, I am much more passionate about our older population. Although it’s not a professional affiliation, I am also involved as an alumna advisor supporting my sorority, Delta Zeta, in their philanthropy efforts for speech and hearing.

Why do you volunteer with the Academy?

I’ve belonged to several groups whose founding principles were that once you were done training or in your “learning” stage, the expectation was that you go on to advise those following you or contribute to the overall group with experience you’ve gained. I’ve found that I’ve gained far more from the “giving back” part of my life than I ever did during the times when I was just starting out. I also believe that if we want to see any change in our profession, the best way to do that is to get involved.

What is the earliest achievement you can recall, of which you are still incredibly proud?

I was the lead (Gracie) in my fourth-grade play “Gracie at the Bat,” a take on “Casey at the Bat,” but instead of the lead being male, it was female. For 1981, I think that was pretty progressive. As a kid who wasn’t the most popular (maybe that’s why I got the role), I remember it being a pretty big achievement for me and gave me a boost of confidence when I really needed it.

Do you have a “go-to” joke? Even a terrible one?

Not really. I do tell my patients though that there are two big things in life where you frequently get what you pay for…electronics and tattoos. Don’t ever get a cheap tattoo, it will not end the way you want it to. 

What historical moment (invention, discovery, etc.) do you hope will happen in your lifetime?

The first female President of the United States. I feel like we’re on the cusp of it, and to have an all-female executive branch would be a day of celebration for sure.

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