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Q: What is the most appropriate CPT code to use for electrically evoked compound action potential (ECAP) measures, e.g. neural response telemetry (NRT), neural response imaging (NRI), Auditory Nerve Response Telemetry (ART)?

A: The most appropriate code to use for ECAP measures, including Auto NRT, is CPT code 92584 (electrocochleography). This guidance is based on a July 2011 issue of the AMA’s CPT Assistant (©American Medical Association). A question was raised as to how to bill for neural response telemetry during cochlear implantation. The CPT Assistant response was to use CPT code 92584, electrocochleography.  Many payors may look to the CPT Assistant for guidance and the Academy must publish guidance based on available resources.  Please note, due to a CCI edit, CPT code 92584 may not be billed on the same date of services as the cochlear implant programming codes CPT 92601-4. We recommend that audiologists check directly with payors if using codes other than CPT code 92584 for auto and advanced NRT. In all cases, it is critical for the audiologist to properly document within the patient medical record to support the services billed. If you have additional questions please e-mail the Academy’s reimbursement mailbox.

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